Monday, August 20, 2012

Ideal New High Tech Gadgets - Samsung Galaxy Note

          Almost all of people I know are very connected in each other. I'm not talking about emotions right now but with the evolving era of technology nowadays. Electronic devices like Smartphones and Computers has a big impact in every people here on earth. I remember the first time I touch a cellular phone during my high school days, I fine it cute the way I observed  on myself. I am so very ignorant that day because that's my first time to hold a cellular phones. Funny it seems but that's the time also I am being connected to the world.
Before cellphones need to press by keypad, but now I can see that phones are really in a high technology ways. You can used the phones with just a simple tap on your fingertips, of course the touch screen features is on the star of most phones right now.
Long before also I thought phones are only used for sending message,but now you can used it like your own notebook. Of course here it comes the highlight of my story which is the Samsung Galaxy Note, my ideal gadget and the best partner in my workplace.

                     Most people I know would also like to feel to be connected with the device name Samsung Galaxy Note. I am very happy that almost of my officemates used the Samsung Galaxy in their work too.
Checking emails,viewing their appointments is just as easy as a blink of an eye because of my Ideal Gadgets.
Below is the video on feature of my ideal gadget Samsung Galaxy Note.

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So, now that I shared to you my story, what's your story? What is your ideal high tech gadget?

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